Benefits from our cooperation

Our team can offer combination of multiannual experience with expert acknowledge on many fields starts from machines through grocery and meat. We base on strong negotiations skills, Chinese language ability, wide range knowledge, international professional team.

Katarzyna Cebulska China Consulting


You can save your invaluable time with us

Starts cooperation with us we can assure and provide you reliable contact to new business partners or build strong relations with old once. Whole processes as order, production, packing, transportation will go smooth. Thus you can take a rest while we will take care about your cases with high attention.

Nobody will cheat you

You already know that lack of experience is costly. Many people try to import from China without verify producers, without any knowledge about business ethic. European style of doing biz is much different than Chinese one. We can protect you against financial risk and cheating.

You will be not stress out

Our team is professional one and well-experienced. We know Chinese language fluently and what`s more important-Chinese culture too. This support will help you to avoid misunderstandings and build strong long-term relationships.

How we work

We verify

Chinese market based on our “guanxi” which means our connections. Moreover we check producers and agents inter alia based on governments licenses, if company really exists, what is it`s biz history etc.

We support your business

Based on our professional knowledge, experience and strong skills we feel responsible for quality of our service.

We care

We works in way that help us to avoid misunderstandings in contact with Chinese partners. All is clear, because we care… even after products delivery. If something inconsistent with your expectations we will help you to solve the problems and dispel your doubts.

We work globally

Our international team will help you to gain your biz goal. Our support is priceless in case of place orders, sourcing producers and verify them, place orders, oversee production, organize transportation and documentation.

We like challenges

If you wish your products shall be produced under your technical requirements and marked by your own logo – we will makes it easy for you.

We help you to be well-prepared

For fairs… we will recommend you best fairs in China according your products specificity. We will handle with tickets, visa, hotel booking etc.

We help to connect

If language barrier disturb you in connections with Chinese partner we will translate your emails into Chinese or make call conference. We are here for you.

We invite you to embrace our philosophy and work way.