How to export to China?


According to CNNIC the number of native Internet users in China exceeded 802 mil! Out of this number  over 700 mil people do shopping online.

Such a number raises great opportunities to introduce our Polish products. How to do it?

Depending on the character of a product there is a number of sales channel, the most popular include:


Wechat 微信- online shop


WeChat used to be ‘merely’ a communicative tool uniting about 990 mil users – mainly the Chinese. It has become recently a powerful marketing tool building e-commerce in China. The success of your Internet shop depends therefore on the number of „hits”. An important role plays here a word of mouth marketing.




One of the biggest social media platforms in China. It encompasses the features of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram rolled into one. The platform is used by over 500 million registered people. If you want your Brand to gain recognition – take advantage of this micro-blog.

Influencers called in China KOL`S- Key Opinion Leaders


It is common knowledge that in order to spring into existence in e-commerce a highly recommendable way is to engage famous and popular people to promote and propagate our product in the Internet.


The path to purchase is different  than the one in Europe. Chinese consumers first check a brand credibility at the search engine, e.g. Baidu. Make sure you exist in the most popular Chinese search engines.


They will find your website – you shall to create it in the native language, English and Chinese. The taste concerning the layout of website is a bit different than in Europe.


They will check customers opinions– take care of your product reputation online. Positive opinions will sell your products in China. It is a very important element in the marketing machine.


If the Chinese want to purchase an original product, they will look for advice at social media. If KOL`s show products of a certain brand, this brand will be trusted. If you don’t have KOL`s you won’t sell.


One of the popular ways is also Live streaming where live broadcast is combined with product placement. The most popular platform in China is iQiyi.

Chinese habits


Purchasing imported goods online seems to be prestigious for the Chinese as it positions them as affluent people. It is often the case that in order to show off, they show these products to their relatives and friends, especially when it comes to imported food. In this issue the Chinese become more and more Eco-conscious. If they can afford imported certified products, they will certainly take advantage to buy healthy food for their family.


If you want to make an appearance in Chinese media you will need a Professional team that will make sure your product appears at proper platforms online. What’s more, they will also provide after-sales service and most of all will built the customer’s trust as it is an inevitable aspect of the process.

Online shops



These are the two best-known online shops selling popular brands. It is said that the first day at T-mall guarantees hundreds of clicks.


It’s not easy to start selling there. First you need to get qualified, it is the shop management that decides if you are ‘worth’ presenting your products on their site. Then you need to invest a significant amount into entry fee, annual fee, commission on sales and costs. These costs may be lowered by establishing cooperation with a partner who is already selling at T-mall or JD. Other popular online shops include: Taobao, Suning, Little Red Book or YiHaoDian.


In a nutshell, to enter the Chinese market your brand should be famous, well-known and property advertised. Your products should appear in Chinese search engines, Chinese websites and social media. The customer trust shall be built through properly conducted marketing.


Unless you can offer a niche product that does not exist or exists in insufficient amount and, at the same time, is highly desired by the Chinese, e.g. BIO meat.


Importing sensitive products like meat, knowing “guobiao” that is Chinese standards applying to product traits is crucial. Any laps like the font size at labels may result in stopping/withdrawing the container. Here any tiny detail matters.



The variety of fairs in China is enormous. Many Polish companies are currently exhibiting their products at the most prestigious fairs, e.g. grocery products at SIAL in Shanghai.

The company China-Consulting will support you in choosing the most suitable fairs dedicated to your foods.

Are you planning to enter the Chinese market?

Entering the Chinese market is not an easy thing as rules and requirements significantly differ from the one in Europe. The character of product determines its sell. For one product the most suitable will be e-commerce, for another - an organised chain of distributors. Our company cooperates with a professional agency in China that will lead you ‘by hand’ through e-commerce, providing consultancy, implementing on-line strategies or proposing contacts with certain distributors.


We will support you in establishing contacts, we will verify the market and provide our expert knowledge and skills related to export to China. We would like to invite you to cooperation.