Import from China

Facts worth knowing

What to import?

  • First of all products that you are knowledgeable or passionate about – you will put your heart and soul into it and thus it will be more difficult to deceive you
  • Unique things that you will sell at a higher price
  • Small size products –in this way you will decrease transport costs per piece
  • DON’T import ‘counterfeit products’
  • Use the assistance of GOOGLE TRENDS

It is a tool where you enter the name of a product to see how frequently the item was searched for at the specific time and region in the country or world.

From supplier to order

  • Find a reliable supplier in China – be careful while searching popular portals like  ALIBABA  or ALIEXPRESS because customers being attracted by a bargain price make a down payment and suddenly it turns out that the supplier’s website has ceased to exist together with the suppliers themselves.

It might also happen that a customer placing two first orders receives in fact a good quality product but in case of the third order – the most expensive one – the product is defective, low quality or simply doesn’t meet expectations. Cheaters usually take advantage of small and medium companies that do not verify their suppliers. They are fully aware that the customer won’t be able to afford the Court of arbitration.

Searching ALIBABA  pay attention to:* MOQ – minimum order quantity * GOLD SUPPLIER – this status costs the Chinese 29800 RMB, however for cheaters it is just ‘a drop in the ocean’,   * ASSESSED SUPPLIER,  * TRADE ASSURANCE.

Big companies are advised to register their trademark in China as it might turn out that one day your long-term Chinese business partner will do it instead of you, which will cause stress and costly consequences.

  • Request unit pricing based on FOB terms and conditions / unit price together with transport to a Chinese port.
  • Determine production time, warranty conditions and complaint policy
  • Order samples, once you receive them you must describe them accurately– if you fail to do it – supplier will make this decision instead of you.

Make sure your partner understood your needs. It is often the case that employees translate correspondence using online translators which leave much to be desired.

  • Sign a contract and make a down payment.
  • Check the quality of the product before shipment – best at production company –  you may also go to China yourself or have the quality control done by experts in the place.

Find a reliable forwarding company

  • …and order the whole 20FT or bigger 40FTcontainer, or if the capacity of your goods is not that high you may commission LCL – sharing the container with other companies . Don’t agree to arrange forwarding by the Chinese partner as unexpected costs will significantly hit your pocket and the transport will take longer than you have expected.
  • Customs - check in advance if the seller prepared export documents properly, ask for necessary certificates if they are required for certain products.

How much time do you need to finish the project

From the moment samples have been confirmed, production lasts at least 35 days. Then it takes 2-3 days to load and transport goods to the indicated port. Customs and loading a container - 5-7 days. Shipment transport – the cheapest option,  requires at least 30 days, rail cargo – much faster -  over 2 weeks, air cargo – the most expensive – about one week.

Preparing for fairs

It is advisable to plan the trip at least one and a half month in advance. The sooner we obtain a visa, insurance, airplane ticket, public transport tickets in China, reserve a hotel nearby the vicinity of fairs, hire an interpreter, the less stressful and the more solvable it is, not to mention the financial aspect – differences in price may be astonishing.

Expert support

If you feel that you need assistance at any of the above mentioned stages or you want to have a global service with Chinese partners or translation done, we would like to highly recommend our support in Your business.